�I wanted to establish an environment that would be truly conducive to physical transformation.�
Karyn Shipley, Founder of The Gymwithin®


Transforming your body is difficult. For some, changing body image is even harder. Gymwithin® is committed to guiding clients through this mindset change. The visible results make it easier to believe that change is possible

Gymwithin® offers customized training tailored to suit your personal goals for your body. Founder Karyn Shipley lends her expertise in dance, athletics, massage, psychology and yoga to offer a personal approach to physical transformation. Gymwithin® provides integrated training to reach your personal goals, be they training for the marathon, injury recovery, post-partum conditioning, weight loss, general health, looking your best at your wedding or fitting into that little black dress.

Enjoy inspirational workouts, personal tutelage and lasting change.


�I hear the word �can�t� from my students all the time. All I do is to tell them to turn their heads and look at themselves in the mirror. They are always amazed to see that they are already achieving the moves and positions that they thought impossible.�


Karyn Shipley believes that every individual can personally transform his or her body. This conviction is not merely an ideal, it is the practicing principle that she delivers to her students and applies to her own life.

Before establishing the Gymwithin® in 2001, Shipley enjoyed multiple careers as dancer, Radio City Rockette, performer, and massage therapist. She started her training to dance at the relatively late age of 23 when most people start as kids, but using Pilates and GYROTONIC® she transformed her body into a sleek professional dancer’s physique. A combination of passion, focus and determination enabled her, against the odds, to succeed. She capped her performing career with seven years as a Rockette in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and then in the Broadway show Sinatra : His Voice. His World. His Way

Whether personally pushing herself in physically demanding roles on stage and film or delivering healing therapy as a massage therapist, Shipley’s knowledge of body and its potential is merely the foundation of her Pilates and GYROTONIC® instruction. Her commitment to physical empowerment through detailed instruction and positive feedback has allowed countless men and women in New York City to be the best they can be.