Meet Some Clients

Most of us have forgotten the joy of easy movement. We neglect our own needs and blame the results on aging. Aches, stiffness and loss of muscle tone are due to lack of use or improper use not the years. You can build muscle at any age.

Just a Few Testimonials

“I feel muscles I never knew I even had. She�s amazing! I needed to get stronger, and initially chose the Gymwithin® because it was close to my home. Since then, I�ve come to value Karyn�s instruction. She�s evocative, imaginative, enthusiastic and positive. Pilates is not about positions, she works hard to translate the concept and communicate what�s supposed to happen internally. Even though I don�t like certain exercises, such as the Teaser, at least I know that I�m working toward Karyn�s good example. I may never have her body, but it�s inspiring at the very least!”
~ Lisa Cohen, Author and TV Producer

“I was looking for a way to get back into shape that was easy on the joints and used a full range of motion. Karyn always pays attention to your body while exercising. She’s also funny and personable, she’s even able to make even the dreaded ab sequence fun!”
~ Rebecca, Corporate Trainer/ freelance consultant

“I started Pilates to get into better shape. Beyond the physical achievement, I actually like the exercises, especially the abdominal work! Karyn’s attention to detail is fabulous. As you advance further, I’m continually challenged…. it’s never boring”
~ Christopher, 32, Director of Research

“I want to stand taller, feel better and achieve a firm, toned body. Karyn�s instruction is great. She pays very close attention to every move I make. She has great patience and knows how to push me to the next step, without overdoing it. She is making me much more aware of my body. I love the Short Spine Rollback, as the stretch feels incredible!”
~ Peg, Director for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

“I started taking Pilates with Karyn as a way to get in shape and because she�s located a block from where I work (super convenient). I honestly hate to exercise but with Karyn it�s never boring! She is extremely knowledgable and patient!. She knows the names of every muscle that I didn�t even know existed lol. I highly recommend taking classes with her.”
~ Eileen Memmesheimer, Project Manager